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«International Conference on Application of Basalt Powder in Agriculture
Its advantages as fertilizer for agriculture»
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Cape Verde will host an international event on the theme « APPLICATION OF BASALT POWDER IN AGRICULTURE - Its advantages as as fertilizer for agriculture ». The event will take place from Septembre 26 to 28, 2022, at the Noble Hall of the National Assembly of Cape Verde, Praia.

Tis International Event, entitled BASALT CONFERENCE, focuses on the application of basalt powder in agriculture lasting three days, from Septembre 26 to 28, 2022. An « Integration Round Table and Debates » will close the event.

Main objective of the event
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» To present the state of the art of research and application of basalt powder in agriculture and basalt fiber in industry;

» To disseminate the latest findings on technological advances and the application of basalt fiber in industrial innovation as well as future perspectives;

» To consolidate the results of the research carried out by African scientists on the application of basalt powder in agriculture as an alternative source of nutrients for tropical African soils, in addition to foster and encourage partnerships with their external homologues;

» To enter the application of basalt powder in agriculture as a viable and appropriate technology to the public policy orientation to diversify the types of inputs used in agriculture for soil fertilization in Africa;

» To analyse and set up the mechanisms and procedures to be adopted in the legislation and regulation of basalt powder marketing practices as an alternative to the traditional plant fertilizers and nutrients;

» To define and adopt strategies for the promotion of the basalt powder application technology in agriculture so that it can be taken as an appropriate medium for environmental sustainability and agricultural production, to meet the needs of the internal and regional market, in particular to meet the needs of family farming throughout the ECOWAS space and in Africa in general;

» To position the potential of basalt powder application in agriculture as a suitable mechanism for rejuvenating semi-degraded soils in ECOWAS and in Africa in general;

» To promote the creation of a network of researchers involving Universities, Research and Development Centers, Business Associations and Companies , both in the projects and programmes research and in the marketing of basalt powder for agriculture and the Basalt fiber for industry;

» To promote and consolidate the Cooperation and Partnerships University - Industry ;

» To issue a document where the most relevant works and communications presented at the event will be inserted and which will serve as a guide for future works.

Operation of The Programme
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The International Conference on «APPLICATION OF BASALT POWDER IN AGRICULTURE - Its advantages as fertilizer for agriculture » is organized in 8 (eight) thematic conferences and 2 (two) panels, with a duration of three days. Each moderator has the initial 10 minutes to enter the theme.

» After the intervention of the Speakers invited to each panel or conference, there will be a debate in which participants in general will have the opportunity to intervene actively.

» At the Conference, the Speaker, who will be a reference specialist on each theme, will have 1 hour and 45 minutes to present his theme, including the debate period.

» Registration, paper submission, as well as complete information, are accessible on the website www.basaltconference.com. Additional information may also be obtained through the e-mail address events@basaltconference.com or other contacts inserted in the said website, namely the Technical Secretariat of the Event.

» Also part of the event is a social programme where participants, in general, and guests, in particular, can enjoy a pleasant stay in Cabo Verde before, during and after the three-day event.

» For the participants in the event, the Organization and the partner airlines of the event organize flights originating in each of the countries of the participants to Cape Verde, both ways.For more information, please click here    .

» For those participating in the event and traveling in countries, making stops, before arriving in Cape Verde, the Organization and partner hotels organized accommodation and transfers in the countries of call, between airports and hotels, in both directions, as well as services catering and leisure programs in case of need.For more information, please click here    .

» Several packages and programmes of guided visits to the main points of tourist attraction, both in the city of Praia (capital of Cabo Verde) and in other Islands, are also available. Guided tours will also be organized at some basalt exploration sites in Cabo Verde.

» At night two periods of social programmes are reserved. On the first day of the event, a welcome reception will be organized for the delegations participating in the event and on the last day of the event there will be a gala dinner.

» The Technical Secretariat of the event will be permanently accessible and available to meet all the special needs of the participants in the event in question.

Conference framework
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Agriculture is the backbone of the African economy and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) reports that agriculture accounts for around 20% of the continent's GDP, 60% of its workforce, 20% of all exports and is the main source of income for rural populations on the continent. Recognizing the essential role agriculture plays in the food sustainability of a growing African population, African leaders have adopted a strong African Agriculture Development Program (CAADP), targeting an average annual agricultural growth rate of 6

In June 2006, African leaders gathered in Abuja, Nigeria, to take action on the importance of fertilizers for an African green revolution. The main outcome of this summit confirmed the commitment of African heads of state to rapidly increase the use of fertilizers on the continent, bringing the average from 9 kg / ha in 2006 to nearly 50 kg / ha in 2015, a target that has not yet been reached in 2021. At the 23rd African Union Summit, held in June 2014 in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, African leaders adopted the Malabo Declaration on Accelerated Growth and Transformation of agriculture for shared prosperity and better living conditions for the African population, reaffirming that agriculture must remain at the forefront of the continent's development agenda.

In order to achieve the objectives of agricultural growth and the eradication of food shortage on the African continent established in the Malabo Declaration, within the framework of CAADP and in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations, a significant improvement in productivity is deemed necessary for heavily degraded African soils, estimated at over 40%. The African continent has 13% of the world's arable land and about 17% of the world's population. It is estimated that if the above stated goals are not met, many countries on the African continent will face food insecurity and unforeseeable consequences. Important factors contributing to the reduction of fertility of African soils are: complete elimination of crops from cultivated fields, unbalanced soil fertilization and little or no use of fertilizers.

Data from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) published indicate that the largest consumers of fertilizer in Africa are South Africa, with 68.2 kg per ha in 2018, followed from North Africa, with an average consumption of 55.2 kg per ha.; East Africa with 20.7 kg per ha; and West Africa with 13.9 kg per ha (region where Cape Verde is located and the economic bloc of the Economic Community of West African States - ECOWAS).

The Central African region had the lowest consumption, at only 5.2 kg per ha. FAO data further showed that West Africa had the largest average increase in nutrient consumption, especially nitrogen, which nearly tripled in a decade, from 2.7 kg per ha in 2008 to 8 kg per ha in 2018; phosphate consumption increased over the same period from 0.9 kg per ha to 2.9 kg per ha.

From ancient Greece (61-114 AD) to the present day, eminent specialists have devoted themselves to the problem of fertilizing agricultural soils based on the application of rock powders, due to the many advantages that this solution entails and a relevant contribution to the sustainability of agriculture, Africa and the modern world.

It is in this context that Cape Verde will host, from September 26 to 28, 2022, an international event on the theme «APPLICATION OF BASALT POWDER IN AGRICULTURE- Its advantages as fertilizer for agriculture».

View Day 1 plan
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The sessions of the first day of the International Conference will focus on three fundamental aspects:

»The current state of the scientific and technological research process related to the use of agro minerals (basalt powder) in agriculture as agricultural soil fertilizer par excellence.

» The process of legislation, standardization and certification of agro-minerals (basalt powder) for agricultural use, aimed at guaranteeing the quality of food produced, environmental safety and efficiency of agricultural profitability.

» Sharing of experiences on the use of agro-minerals (basalt powder) in agriculture involving different countries of the American Continent and the African continent; presentation of case studies on the use of agro-minerals, including on the African continent, as well as as experiences in developing fruitful cooperation between universities, research and development centers, and the agricultural production sector.

Some of the most outstanding researchers, with internationally recognized merit, from Brazil and Canada, will share decades of research experience and the transfer of accumulated knowledge to the community of agricultural producers.

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The sessions of the second day of the International Conference will focus on the following three axes:

»The challenges of the sustainable development of agriculture, with particular emphasis on the management of the nutrients necessary and essential for agricultural activity, as well as the presentation and discussion of the historical evolution of the use of agrominerals in agriculture and the future prospects that are presented in the use of agrominerals, will be among the topics that will be discussed during the second day of the International Conference.

» The potential of basalt as a source of ingredients in the production of agro-minerals for agriculture, as well as the vast possibilities offered by basalt in the industrial production chain, are also some of the central themes of the agenda for the second day of the International Conference.

» The central role that agriculture plays in the development of the African economy, the potential for industrialization and food security on the continent, as well as the fundamental contributions of science, technology and innovation integrate the program for this second day of the event.

Some of the most outstanding researchers, with internationally recognized merit, from Brazil and Canada, will share decades of research experience and the transfer of accumulated knowledge to the community of agricultural producers.

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View Day 3 plan
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The sessions of the third day of the International Conference constitute a Round Table, bringing together some of the main international experts around 4 main themes and debates:

»Research, Legislation, Regulation and Technology of «Soil Remineralizers»;

» Agricultural Soil Fertilization - Practices and Management;

» The Potential of Basalt as an Agromineral and its Specificities;

» Agricultural profitability and quality control of the food produced.

The «Round Table of Integration and Debates» on October 28 will close the International Conference.

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Conference speaker guidelines
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Speaker Selection
»The selection of a Speaker for the International Conference is entirely independent of any commercial consideration and is based solely on merit as determined in consensus by the Organizing Committee of the Event.

»When a Speaker Proposal is received from a company or an individual that does not fully meet BASALT Conference Speaker terms & conditions, the BASALT Conference Organizing Committee will contact the company or the individual for further clarification, if applicable, before proceeding with the proposal evaluation.

»Please also note that for technology companies & commercial suppliers of research services there is a sponsorship requirement attached to BASALT Conference Scientific Council. For more information on this, please go to sponsors within BASALT Conference website.

Speaker Registration
»All Speakers participate by invitation-only.

»All Participants must register and pay a fee to access the BASALT Conference, as well accommodation and travel expenses.

»The International Conference is a premium event which has an exceptionally high quality production cost.

»BASALT Conference Organizing Committee believes that a policy in which all participants pay to access the Event ensures that a participation fee as economical as possible for all participants of the Event is maintained.

Speaker Timing-Format
»BASALT Conference Organizing Committee has adapted the speaker timing to maximize the interaction between speakers and participants. This gives as many participants as possible an opportunity to speak.

»The format of each Speaker′s stage presentation is assigned by the BASALT Conference Programme Board, and is based on the specific topic and overall number of Speakers in each session. The format of a speaker's on-stage participation on a topic session -- individual presentation, co-Speaker presentation, discussion panel participation, session moderation or other type of presentation - are considered equally as 1 speaking slot.

»With the exception of Keynote Speakers, all individual Speakers are generally allotted a total of 7 minutes presentation time and co-Speakers a total of 10 minutes.

»As the BASALT Conference Organizing Committee represents a gathering of the industry elite, speaking at BASALT Conference is not only ideal to impart knowledge and experiences but also the basis for engaging in discussions between Speakers and participants. Speakers should adapt their presentations so that key learnings are communicated, clearly and concisely, within the allotted time, and refraining from any possible "sales" contents that is perceived to reduce the credibility of the insights presented and is not appreciated by the audience.

Speaker Presentation Format
»Most BASALT Conference presentation sessions have several Speakers presenting on the same topic. BASALT Conference Organizing Committee aims to provide a holistic, multi-angled view on each topic that is covered, with as many key industry representatives on stage to share their insights and experiences.

»Within each session, the time allotted for an individual Speaker presentation is 7 minutes and 10 minutes for co-Speakers, followed by a 3 - 5 minute Q&A session. This format aims to maximise the interaction between Speaker & participants, and to give as many experts as possible an opportunity to contribute. Each session is moderated by a state-of-the-art industry, research and development facility, technology institution, university, or other similar representative.

»All Speakers are provided with a standard BASALT Conference branded presentation template (Powerpoint) and a detailed speaker reference guide.

»For approved speakers, the deadline for receiving the final presentation is 31 August 2022.

Preparatory Session:
»30 days before the Event, BASALT Conference Organizing Committee requests each speaker and his session companions, if any, to allocate time for at least one preparation session by means of a conference call with the participant session moderator.

Guidance notes for presentation slides:
»If the speaker′s session is made for a 7 minute presentation slot, BASALT Conference Organizing Committee would not recommend preparing too many slides. The speaker should consider the most effective way to disseminate the information. Slides with too much detail or extensive content will take more time to cover than a slide holding a well-structured set of key points.

»The BASALT Conference Organizing Committee suggest Speakers to prepare 1 slide for every 2 minutes of presentation time.

Speaker Substitution, Addition or Cancellation:
»As speakers are chosen by the BASALT Conference Scientific Council for their specialist knowledge and communication skills, not because of the company that they represent, BASALT Conference Organizing Committee generally does not allows Speaker substitutions.

»If for some reason a Speaker needs to cancel their participation, the BASALT Conference Organizing Committee should be informed as soon as possible by sending an e-mail to helpdesk@basaltconference.com

»BASALT Conference Organizing Committee requests that, if possible, a suitable replacement recommendation should be provided. A recommendation is particularly helpful in case we do not have a Speaker on the waiting list for a specific topic.

»Any Speaker replacement or addition (in the case of a co-Speaker presentation) will need to be approved by the BASALT Conference Programme Board in advance of the Event, and the BASALT Conference Organizing Committee therefore appreciates timely considerations of any changes that may occur.

»BASALT Conference Organizing Committee reserves the right to cancel a Speaker engagement should the Speaker fail to comply with deadlines and criteria for presentations. Should BASALT Conference find it necessary to cancel a Speaker for this reason, there will be no obligation on behalf of BASALT Conference Organizing Committee to refund any fees or costs related to the Speaker attendance to the BASALT Conference Event.

To Submit a Speaker Proposal:
»The applicant should review the conference theme, description and topics for the BASALT Conference Event.

»The applicant should use the proposal submission form to send a proposal that is relevant to the topic described.

»The official speaking proposal submission deadline for the Event 2022 is 15 August 2022. However, BASALT Conference Organizing Committee is pleased to accept proposals anytime, even before a Call for Speakers is issued, or after the deadline has passed. The applicant should note that after the deadline, as the BASALT Conference Scientific Council of the event has already started the process of selecting the speaker′s proposals, the sooner the proposals are presented, the more likely it will be accepted by the Scientific Council of the event.

»BASALT Conference Organizing Committee does not accept sales or marketing presentations.

»If the applicant will be coordinating participation on behalf of a Speaker, he should provide his contact information in addition to that of the Speaker.

»The applicant will be contacted if its proposal is accepted.

»Should the applicant has any questions about the status of his proposal, or has any other questions about the BASALT Conference Event Call for Speakers, he should email to helpdesk@basaltconference.com.

Upcoming Deadlines:
»The BASALT Conference Scientific Council meets once per year to review and select speaker the profile. The earlier proposals are submitted, the higher the probability it will have of being accepted by the Scientific Council.

»BASALT Conference Event has a limited number of speaker slots. BASALT Conference Organizing Committee is pleased to receive speaker proposals and these will be reviewed by the Scientific Council on a case-by-case basis. The applicant should contact the Organizing Committee as soon as possible indicating the conference topic of his planned proposal submission.

»Speaker Preparatory Conference Call: approximately 30 days before the Event.

»Deadline for Speaker final Presentations: 31 August 2022.

Speaker Benefits:
»Speakers are active stakeholders in our industry. One of the main benefits of presenting at the BASALT Conference Event is to share experiences, network with their peers, and to interact with the most influential community in science, technology, environmental protection, research and development, and university-industry cooperation. We promote the Event Speakers on our website, through our social media channels and in some selected press releases.

»The support of our sponsors and Partners are a critical part of our Event and a high-value interaction at our event would not be possible without them.

»Speaker proposals are accepted only upon the merit of the proposal, individual speaker, relevance of the topic, and a speaking slot being available. Speaker selection is determined in consensus by the BASALT Conference Organizing Committee of the event.

Considering that, BASALT CONFERENCE proposes to conduct Corporate Events, including international conferences, seminars, workshops, round table and meetings, in order to facilitate internationalization of science, research, technology transfer, technology, innovation, enterprises, investment and technological development in regions with great development potential.

Considering that, the Participant wishes to register and participate in the Event.

Considering that, these Terms and Conditions of Participation are part of the regulatory documentation of the event, which also includes the Registration Form. In case of any inconsistency, these Terms and Conditions of Participation prevail over the remaining documentation.

Considering that, upon the presentation of the Registration Form, an agreement is entered into force between BASALT CONFERENCE and the Participant, both parties agree the following terms and conditions:

Considering that, The commercial management, logistical and operational support of the activities carried out within the framework of BASALT CONFERENCE is ensured by the Tour Operator BOX TRAVEL - Tour Operator, S.A., www.boxtravel.eu. BOX TRAVEL is a Cape Verdean tourist operator present in Europe through its subsidiary. In this context, the activities carried out are subject to compliance with the legal rules in Cape Verde and those issued by the European Union and in the countries of the European Union where BOX TRAVEL is present or represented.

Article 1
1.Acceptance of a Registration Form
Following the submission of a Registration Form, either electronically or in hard copy, BASALT CONFERENCE will determine whether the Participant is approved for the event or not.

If the Participant is approved for the event, BASALT CONFERENCE will issue an Acceptance E-mail to the Participant. The Acceptance Email will include a cooling off period of two working days in which the Participant may give notice to BASALT CONFERENCE that it will withdraw from the event, at which time this Agreement ends.

If the Participant is not approved for the event, BASALT CONFERENCE will notify the Participant by E- mail up to two working days after the reception of the Registration Form and this Agreement expires.

BASALT CONFERENCE reserves the sole discretion as to whether to approve a Participant for the event and the Participant agrees and accepts that BASALT CONFERENCE decision is final and not subject to challenge. BASALT CONFERENCE is not required to provide reasons for the decision of not approving a Participant for the event.

2.Late applications
BASALT CONFERENCE may, at its discretion, accept or reject a Registration Form received after the specified deadline.

Article 2
Registration Fee
The registration fee, as listed for each Event, covers all conference papers, lunches, transfers, morning and afternoon refreshments and, where applicable, an evening reception/dinner. Accommodation and travel associated with the conference are NOT included in the registration fee.
Article 3
Participant's General Responsibilities
1. Associated Costs: The Participant will make all arrangements, accept all responsibilities, and meet all costs relating to the participation in the event.

2. Warning: The Participant must strictly comply with the Health, Hygiene, and Safety regulations determined by the competent authorities as well as the Code of Conduct of BASALT CONFERENCE.

3. Visas: In order to obtain Visas, BASALT CONFERENCE strongly recommends that each Participant shall contact the Embassy of the destination country existing in his residence area or request support from BASALT CONFERENCE if applicable. The Participant acknowledges that is solely responsible for making itself aware of all relevant information and travel advice available in relation to the country where the Event will take place and any countries through which the Participant or its representatives will transit.

4. Insurance: BASALT CONFERENCE strongly recommends that the Participant takes out appropriate insurance to cover risks, including travel risks, which may arise due to the Participant's involvement in the Event and the insurance should be valid at all relevant times, including return to origin. BASALT CONFERENCE recommends that each Participant should seek professional advice concerning the risks and relevant insurances relating to its participation in the event.

5. Conduct: BASALT CONFERENCE reserves the right to immediately suspend or terminate services under this Agreement at its sole discretion and without liability if it considers ongoing services may lead the parties to disrepute situation. By disrepute, it is meant to say potential breach of International or Local Laws, solvency, commercial dispute, unethical or immoral acts or any matter where ongoing provision of services is considered not in the best interests of the Event objectives.

Article 4
Differentiation of participation costs
1. Agricultural producers, researchers, academics and students:The base costs of participation in events promoted by BASALT CONFERENCE are applied evenly to each Participant, except in situations where this differentiation is clearly justified, namely for agricultural producers, researchers, academics and students.

2. Participants non agricultural producers, researchers, academics or students: or linked to business projects in partnership with agricultural producers, researchers, academics or students: these participants benefit from the same conditions of the participants referred to in the previous number. However, the agricultural producers, researchers, academics or students component must have at least one-third equity in the business.

Article 5
Event changes and additional Terms and Conditions
Changes to the Event: BASALT CONFERENCE will make efforts to ensure that the event proceeds in accordance with the established plans. However, in its sole discretion, BASALT CONFERENCE may make changes to the event at any time and without prior notice to the Participant, if this does not affect the Participant.

Article 6
Withdrawal and Cancellation
1. Withdrawal: In case of a withdrawal from the event, BASALT CONFERENCE accepts no responsibility for any financial losses incurred to the participant.

2. Cancellation or delay of Event: BASALT CONFERENCE may cancel or delay the event at any time in case of risk to persons, property or force majeure. If BASALT CONFERENCE cancels or delays the event, the Participant will be notified as soon as possible.

Article 7
Liability and Indemnity
1. Liability and Termination Rights:BASALT CONFERENCE reserves the right to suspend or terminate services under this Agreement at its sole discretion and without liability, if it considers there is a breach of any destination country law as well as the International Law, by a Participant or where ongoing provision of services may bring the Participant into a disrepute situation.

2. Force Majeure: BASALT CONFERENCE will not be liable to the Participant for any loss suffered, nor be in default under this Agreement for any reason of force majeure, namely blackouts, fire, war, earthquakes, floods, and labour disputes.

3. Indemnity: The Participant indemnifies BASALT CONFERENCE, its employees, representatives and agents, collectively the indemnified, against all actions, proceedings, claims and demands which may be brought or made against the indemnified by any person in respect of any loss, damage or injury occurring to any person or property arising out of or in connection with the Participant's involvement in the event.

4. Employees, Agents and Participant Representatives: Any rights conferred on the Participant are likewise conferred on its employees, representatives, contractors and invitees. Therefore, any breach of these Terms and Conditions of Participation by any Participant′s employee, representative, contractor, or invitee constitutes a breach of this Agreement by the Participant.

5. Intellectual Property: The Participant shall indemnify BASALT CONFERENCE from and against all claims, liabilities, losses, including fines and penalties, damages and reasonable costs resulting from any claim, suit or action, including legal costs and expenses, arising from reliance on information provided by the Participant for use by BASALT CONFERENCE or for any breaches of third party intellectual property.

Article 8
General Conditions
1. Translation assistances: In order to ensure full communication in any destination country, BASALT CONFERENCE will ensure an interpreter to any Participant in case of a clear need.

2. Services provided by third parties: Any failures resulting from services to Participants not provided by BASALT CONFERENCE cannot impute any liability to BASALT CONFERENCE.

3. Privacy: The Participant consents to the personal information in the Registration Form being stored as a contact record in a database, which is accessed by BASALT CONFERENCE staff in Cabo Verde or elsewhere, consequently.

3.1 the Participant agrees that its personal information is shared with third parties who may assist BASALT CONFERENCE in its export and investment activities;

3.2 the Participant allows BASALT CONFERENCE to record his image or any other material provided by the Participant, to be used or published for the purposes of the event. BASALT CONFERENCE may adapt or modify the material collected and distribute or send it by any means of communication, including the internet, without referring the Participant. Once the material has been published, E BASALT CONFERENCE may not have control over the subsequent use of such material;

3.3 the Participant consents to the sharing of its personal information for the purpose of promoting export, import and investment opportunities at BASALT CONFERENCE discretion;

3.4 the Participant consents to BASALT CONFERENCE disclosing its private information if required or requested by the official authorities;

3.5 despite the above consents, all personal information collected by BASALT CONFERENCE will only be used for the purpose for which it was provided and in accordance with the International Law and BASALT CONFERENCE privacy policy.

4. Licence: The Participant grants BASALT CONFERENCE a non-exclusive, non-transferable and royalty free licence to use the Participant′s brand name, logo and trademark on any material related to the event.

5. Change: A provision of this Agreement can only be changed by a later written document executed by or on behalf of BASALT CONFERENCE and the Participant.

6. Applicable law: These Terms and Conditions of Participation are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Cabo Verde.

7. Severability: If any term, condition, provision or covenant contained in this Agreement is determined to be illegal, void, prohibited, invalid or otherwise unenforceable, it will be severed from these Terms and Conditions of Participation and the remaining Terms and Conditions of Participation will survive and remain in full force and effect.

8. Survival on termination: All indemnities survive termination of this Agreement.

Article 9
Data Protection
The information you provide when booking for an Event will be held on a database. It will not be released to third parties unconnected with the Event for which you are registering without your express permission.

Article 10
Payment options
The Organization accepts different payment methods:
1. Bank transfer in Cape Verde:
1.1 Bank account in Escudos [ECV];
1.2 Bank account in Euros; [Eur];
1.3 Bank account in Dollars [USD].

1. Bank transfer in Europe:
2.1 Bank account in Euros [ Eur ].

3. Through Bank Accounts in Europe:
3.1 VISA card;
3.2 Mastercard;
3.3 Multibanco;
3.4 MB Way;
3.5 Direct Debits.
Article 11
1. Cancellations must be received in writing no later than one month or 30 days before the Event start date and will be subject to a 20% cancellation fee.

2. The transfer of tickets is allowed. BASALT CONFERENCE will consider written requests for replacements. No refund will be made for cancellations received 30 or fewer days before the Event start date or for nonattendance.

3. We shall not be liable to you for travel, accommodation or other costs if we are required to cancel the Event as a result of an event outside our control.

4. Refunds will not be given if you cannot attend for the reason that your visa application is declined.

5. It is the participant′s responsibility to check the eligibility criteria prior to registering for the Event.
Article 12
Refund poly for values paid
1. More than 30 days from the date of the event: 100% refund of the amount paid, with deduction of the reservation fee paid (20% of the cost of participation.);

2. Up to 30 days before the date of the event: reimbursement of 80% of the amount paid;

3. Up to 20 days before the event: reimbursement of 40% of the amount paid.

4. Up to 15 days before the event: reimbursement of 20% of the amount paid.

5. Less than 15 days before the event: no refund will be made for the amount paid.

6. In the event of force majeure, the free substitution of a registration for another participant is authorized, provided that it is requested in writing, at the latest fifteen (15) days before the date of the event and it does not no refund will be made.
7. If the participant, for whatever reason, is unable to meet the deadlines defined by the Organization for the various stages of the organization of his participation in the event, the Organization declines all responsibility if all or part of the services are not provided.
Article 13
All information provided at the Event is for information only and to be used on an ′as is, with all faults′ basis. The BASALT CONFERENCE relies on the national, regional, international experts, companies, individuals or firms presenting at or associated with the Event to present accurate and reliable information, however the organisers give no warranty for it. The BASALT CONFERENCE shall not be liable for any decision made or action taken by participants based upon any information obtained at or as a result of attending the Event.

Article 14
Acceptance Letter: means written confirmation, which includes an E-maill from an E BASALT CONFERENCE representative accepting the Participant′s Registration Form.

Agreement: means these Terms and Conditions of Participation, the event publications and the Registration Form.

Registration Form: means the online or hard copy Registration Form, specific to the Event.

Event: means international conferences, seminars, workshops, round table and meetings, in order to facilitate internationalization of science, research, technology transfer, technology, innovation, enterprises, investment, and technological development, business trip, trade meeting, or any other enterprise-wide event.

Event Publications: means any information published or otherwise made available by BASALT CONFERENCE , which contains details of the Event including but not limited to the venue and date.

Participant: means any sole agricultural producers, researchers, academics, student, trader, investor, partner, enterprise, university, R&D institution, technology centre, industry, importer, exporter, or any other economic actor or institutional entity (public or private, national, regional or international) that has lodged a Registration Form in respect of the Event.
1. Participants must complete the online form above, please click here, indicate the reference of the chosen package, attach proof of payment and send it.

2. As an alternative to online registration, participants must access the registration form available on this please click here, choose the desired Pack, complete the registration form, sign it and attach it with the payment receipt and send it to the e-mail: finance@basaltconference.com/

3. Students, teachers, researchers, environmental technicians and farmers must attach proof of these qualities in order to benefit from the special conditions, which are provided, when accessing the International Conference on application of basalt rock powder in agriculture.

4. Registrations made before June 30, 2022 can be paid up to 3 installments, free interests.

The participant will receive a confirmation of his registration by e-mail.

For cost of participation please click here.

All cancellations must be received in writing. In the event of force majeure, the free substitution of a registration for another participant is authorized, provided that it is requested in writing, at the latest fifteen (15) days before the date of the event and it does not no refund will be made. No refunds will be issued for additional activity fees unless the event is canceled. No cancellations will be accepted nor fees refunded 15 days before the event. There will be no refunds for no-shows. BASALT CONFERENCE is not responsible for cancellations mailed or faxed but not received. All refunds will be issued by 15 days after the event.


Who can participate in the Event?
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Universities, scientists, research and development centres, academics, students, companies, business associations, farmers, researchers, public and private entities interested in the supply and demand of business opportunities; supply and demand of business partnerships and experts; supply and demand of products (all types); supply and demand of services (all types); supply and demand of equipment (all types), as well as the general public of any country with which the Republic of Cabo Verde has a relationship can participate in the event.

How can I participate?
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To participate in the event click here and follow the Steps indicated. In you need support please contact us by click here.

Where can I get a visa to enter and stay in Cabo Verde?
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For entry visas to the territory of the Republic of Cabo Verde, please click here.

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Not being a guest speaker, can I present a communication at the event?
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Anyone who is properly registered to participate in the event and wishes to present a communication in the event can do so. However, the theme of the communication should be related to the theme of the event and the communication should be a vehicle for disseminating innovation.

The communication should be sent to the Organization in advance and will be previously evaluated by the Scientific Committee of the event.

In what language can I submit my communication?
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During the event, the participants have a simultaneous translation service in three languages: Portuguese, English and French. In this way, a participant's communication can be made in one of the three languages mentioned above.

How do I organize my air travel to participate in the event?
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The event has an official carrier of the event on all its routes. See here the conditions.

For routes where the official carrier of the event does not operate and the Organization does not make available to you partner carriers, you can and should consult your usual carrier.

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How do I organise my stay in Cabo Verde during the event?
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The event has a hotel chain which is the Official Hotel of the event for your stay in Cabo Verde. See here the Official Hotel of the event.

The Organization also makes available to the participants of the event a network of Partner Hotels of the event. See here the partner hotels.

The cost of your stay in Cabo Verde is included in the packages, including transfers.

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Which currencies can I use in Cabo Verde for eventual payments that I will have to make?
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In Cabo Verde any internationally convertible currency can be used. You can use the Euro and the USD, for example, and the Euro has a fixed parity with the national currency of Cabo Verde, the Escudo of CV (1 Euro = 110.265 ECV). In Cabo Verde, you can use the main international credit cards. For more information,click here

What are the advantages of participating in the event?
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The advantages of participating in the event are numerous. Firstly, there is the possibility of listening to and interacting with some of the most renowned international researchers in the field of research, production and application of basalt powder in agriculture and basalt fiber in industry.

You will also have the opportunity to learn about the relevant impact and effect of applying basalt powder on agricultural productivity, the quality of the food produced, as well as its relevant effect on environmental preservation. This has a far-reaching impact on the growing challenges of food security and on the food security of an African population of over 1.3 billion people, most of whom are young and constantly growing.

Finally, you will also have the unique opportunity to meet companies, business people, potential partners, potential suppliers, investors and potential customers from different countries, namely Africa, Brazil and Europe.